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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. The prices are based on 2 people and a bedroom +bathroom.
  2. The larger villas (Hijau and Abu Abu) will not be rented out to people not belonging to the same travel company. 
  3. Villa Hijau and villa Abu Abu can house 4 people, from the same travel company, in which case the price will be recalculated with use of a second bedroom and bathroom. 
  4. Villa Merah 1 & 2 is a split villa with 2 2p rooms that both have a their own bathroom and pantry.
  5. A crib or an extra bed can be placed in villa Hijau en Villa Abu Abu at an extra cost. The villa will then provide room fro 5.
  6. When staying longer than 4 nights, a free shuttle is provided from the airport or the fast boat terminal in Sengiggi, Bangsal or Teluk Kodek. There is no shuttle transfer from the slow Ferry in Lingsar. If the stay is over 7 nights a free return shuttle is also provided. 
  7. When finilizing a reservation a payment of 25% of the total is demanded through an internaitonal bank transfer. 
  8. 3 weeks before arrival the total amount of the stay has to be paid. 
  9. A discount can be given on the standard price depending on the length of the stay. 
  10. When chosing the flexible rate, a full refund is applicable when cancelling withing 7 days before arrival. This is not possible when chosing the standard rate. 
  11. Your stay includes breakfast and 11% tourist tax.
  12. Other expenses will have to be paid cash at the end of your stay in IDR. We do not have Debit or Creditcard facilities at the resort. 
  13. In case we have to cancel your reservation due to force majeure, you will receive a full refund.


International Bank Account Number (IBAN)  BE95967303512558
Name: HUBERTUS E.H van T Veld

Wise address
Avenue Luoise54 Room S52
Brussels 1050

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