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About us

About us

In 2000, during our second visit to Lombok which we truely fell in love with, we, Huub and Willie van 't Veld, bought a piece of land in the authentic Kerandangan valley. We had just met Yudi, our manager, and his wife Purni and this new found relationship felt good. Together we started prospecting that piece of land. We started with designing and building the house of Yudi and his family who were going to be living on the property. After that we designed and built our own house which was finished in 2002. The construction was done by ourselves with the help of locals and our incredible builder/contractor Koman Yurid from the village Praha. 

It was in the same year of 2002 that we started with detal projects on Lombok. Volunteers from the Netherlands came over and together we started the Dental Development Foundation Indonesia (DDFI). I order to house the volunteers and provde them with comfort and relaxation after their hard work in warm and challenging circumstances, we decided to buy an additional piece of land in 2005. We built three luxurious villa's after our own design. Villa Campi Sorga was a fact.

To cover the costs of the expoitation, we started to rent our the villa's on a small scale to other guests. This was a succes. 

Our fantastic staff, lead by our inspiring manager Yudi, have created a wonderful place to stay. The maintenance of the garden, villa's and pool is done entirely by the staff. We are not a commercial operating business, but are trying to be selfsupporting with incomes going to staff and maintenance. 

The earthquakes in 2018 and the effects of the Covid pandemic have lead to the fact that we were not able to be self supporting these last three years, but we are positive about what the future brings, because we see that tourism is starting to grow again.

Our reviews are more than positive and show rewards for our beautiful garden, the area and especially the hospitality and care by Yudi and his team.

Unfortunately, we could not continue our 20 years of dental projects due to several circomstances, but Villa Campi Sorga is still very much alive for our guests to enjoy! So feel welcome to relax and indulge yourself in our small paradise. 

We have certainly been doing so for 22 years and hopefully more to come!

Huub and Willie

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