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Hier een aantal mogelijkheden voor dagtochten vanuit Villa Campi Sorga. Sommige dagtochten zijn te doen met eigen vervoer, bijvoorbeeld op de scooter, maar wij raden U aan om relaxed te genieten door te kiezen voor vervoer per auto met chauffeur.



Gili Nanngu

Cascadas de Senaru

Lingar & Narmada

Sacred eels and the source of eternal youth, half day tour around Mataram

Lingar Temple

An interesting city tour in the surroundings of Mataram. We will see the Lingsar temple. This temple was built in 1714 and is considered the most holy on the island. From all over Lombok people come to this temple to bring offerings. The food is offered to the Gods out of gratitude for the fertility of the land.

Families that visit the temple often stay for several days.

Narmada Park

After this we visit Narmada Park. This was built as a replica of Gunung Rinjani and the crater lake Segara Anak. It was laid out in 1805, when an old king was not capable to climb the mountain anymore to bring offerings so he had to make do with a fake mountain. In the park lies the temple of eternal youth. Holy water (coming of real Mt Rinjani) flows into the building and gives eternal youth to the one that washes his faces with it.

You can end the visit with a short stroll through the surroundings. There are nice rice fields to be seen and the remnants of an aqua duct, built by the Dutch.

South Lombok; Kuta

The south of Lombok has arguably the best beaches. Because they consist of tiny coralballs they are dazzlingly white. The beaches enclose beautiful bays with deepblue waters. This is the best spot on Lombok to surf. The bay of Gerupuk has waves for every level. Tanjung Aan beach has good snorkelopportunities and is perfect for swimming and lazing as well. On the way to Kuta we visit Sukarare, where the most beautiful traditional fabrics are woven and Rambitan, a village where many houses are still built in a traditional style. You can rent a surfboard if you wish and take a surfclass. At the end of the day we drive back to Senggigi, but of course it is possible to extend your stay by booking an hotel in Kuta. See our hotellist for offerings.

South Lombok; Sekotong and Gili Nanggu

A special trip to a part of Lombok that is still rarely visited: the most western “tail” of the island. In this area you find bays around a deep blue sea and really white beaches that are almost empty. The road leads along the coast through a rugged and arid landscape. With clear weather there are views of the mountainous inlands and the summit of Gunung Agung on Bali. A boat trip from Senggigi brings you to the almost uninhabited island of Gili Nanggu where there are great snorkel opportunities. At the end of the day you return to Senggigi.

North Lombok; Panorama Walk

This tour takes you to the still very traditional north coast of Lombok. In this area still many adherents to the old Wetu Telu religion live. It is rarely visited by tourists. Following a beautiful itinerary we drive to the village of Senaru on the slopes of Mt. Rinjani. If it is clear you will see its imposing summit during the ride. The surroundings of Senaru are fertile and lush. It is the starting point of a nice and easy walk guided by an English speaking guide. On the way you visit villages where its inhabitants still live according to ancient religion and traditions. You will see that the villagers are most happy to invite you in their homes. The walk goes through rice fields and ends at an imposing waterfall. After this the drive back to Senggigi will be around two hours. Of course you can extend this tour with a night or two in a hotel in Senaru.

Daytrip Gili-islands

The three Gili-islands that lay just off the coast of Lombok represent to many the ultimate image of a bounty-island: beautiful white beaches, a deep blue sea and a coral reef that starts just of the coast and stretches away for miles. Because there is no traffic on the islands (everything is transported by horse-car) and most accommodations are small-scale the islands have a very relaxed atmosphere. You will be transported to the harbour and have a boat at your disposal for the rest of the day. That way we can find the best snorkel spots. There is a wide range of restaurants on the islands. At the end of the day you will return to Senggigi. You may choose to prolong your stay in a hotel on the islands. Check our hotel offers.

East- Lombok; Sasak traditions

In East-Lombok the traditions of the Sasak, the original population, are still very much alive. During this trip you don’t just witness a number of interesting and non-touristic handicrafts, we enjoy a real Sasak-lunch and see an original Sasak-dance, that is witnessed by the whole village. From Senggigi we drive via a local colourfull market to East-Lombok. Here we visit a small-scale bamboo-workshop and we can see how the famous Lombok-pottery is made. In a weaving village a delicious lunch is prepared and after that there is time to look around and see for yourself how these colourfull fabrics are woven in the homes of the people. In the afternoon a very special dance is staged for us. We will be greeted as special guests in the village and almost everybody will join us to watch. After this we drive back to Senggigi in around two hours. You can combine this tour with a stay in a hotel in Tetebatu.

East- Lombok; walk Tetebatu

Tetebatu is a small village on the south slopes of the powerfull Rinjani-volcano. Because of its nice situation amidst rice-and tobaccofields this is a favourite startingpoint for strolls around the countryside. During this tour you visit on the way to Tetebatu a local market where you may buy some fruit or can see the gaudy cidomo’s (horse carts) that are so typical of Lombok. From Tetebatu we make a beautiful walk of about three hours. We start in a colonial hotel and walk through clove and- coffeplantations. We continue past rice- and tobaccoterraces. The views of Mount Rinjani and its deep valleys are fantastic. The last part leads through bambooforests and jungle to a spectacular waterfall. This is a nice place to cool off under an icecold shower. We will be met by our car and transported back to Senggigi in about two hours. If you want you can combine this tour with an hotel in Tetebatu. See our hotellist for offerings.

West-Lombok; Walk Pusuk

This nice walk can be made form Senggigi. A car brings you to the startingpoint near the summit of the Pusuk pass at around 800 meters. From here you have a beautiful view of Lombok’s northcoast and the Gili-islands. The trail climbs steeply at first but once you’ve reached the tops after about an hour, the rest is going down gradually. During the walk you have a fantastic panoramic view of Lombok’s low-lying plain and the coast with its sweeping bays. If the weather is clear Gunung Agung on Bali is also visible. Around lunchtime you are back in Senggigi. Source: Sunda

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